Next time we will not play with such performance, Captain Hradec Cerny believes

Although Hradec Kralove players lost to Jablonec 1: 2 in their first match in Mlada Boleslav, they have shown a performance on which they can build. The most experienced player of Votroků is convinced that even in Mladá Boleslav, his team will be collecting points.

“We played well here, a lot of fans were heard, it was more closed than Malšák stadium in Hradec Kralove), so we can say it was a better backdrop, “he told reporters Černý. “It’s a nice stadium, the fans have come to support us, and we have to fight it and get rid of it, so that we can get some points out of it,” added Marek.

Hradec he lost, but he was not a surrendered team on the pitch.On the contrary, favored Jablonec in the end pushed a lot and fought for a draw. “We can definitely be satisfied with the performance We have left everything on the field and we have fought to the last minute Unfortunately, we have got two stupid goals, and the first one is sorry: When we perform such a performance in the next game, we are convinced that we can not lose , “ meant Black.

Hradec was down in the 85th minute when Mareš surprised the direct goal of Jablonec goalie Romana Valeše. “I went to the pitch to kick the standards and put it in lime.I built a ball and at first I wanted to center, but when we saw where there is a goalie, so we knew it would try to ram the front of the bar and managed, “ indicated Mareš, it was a bad position goalkeeper

“Unfortunately, the goal came five minutes before the end. If it was ten minutes early, so I believe we have compared the “ he said.

Both Hradec Kralove player was sorry that their team better has cut the biggest weapon Jablonec – punch the air. < i> “We knew they would be threatened by standards, and it was confirmed. We got two goals out of the air, even though we were preparing for it all week.”We were preparing for them, we wanted to keep up with standards and limbs, but unfortunately we got a goal after both events,” he said.

Mares regretted.

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