Plzeňský Kopic: Only two players play, there was silence in the cabin

The defender Jan Kopic also scored in the second round of the first league and confirmed his good productivity at the beginning of the season. However, the joy of today’s attack against Bohemians 1905 spoiled him the fact that the players from Plzeň and Pražany at home unexpectedly just drew 1: 1. In addition, Kopic admitted that the title defense did not perform well.

“We did not represent this match, especially after the good entry, when we ran in the tenth minute, 1-0. “

i> “As we scored in the tenth minute, maybe we thought it would be the same.Bohemka started playing and we might have started playing too professorly, slowly. Bohemka dares a decent point and that’s the worst thing. If we were better and did not give a chance, that is understandable, “added Kopic.

The almost sensational home loss of points at the beginning of the season has made him much miserable. ” After the match there was silence , Coach and Horv (Pavel Horvath) said something. They were telling the truth that we are not doing so on the field. Or that only two players play. One has a balloon and only one player is offered. When he has one balloon, he must have three choices, “said a midfielder of the age of 26.they passed over Karabakh and in the opening league round they won in Jihlava to turn 2: 1. “While we played in Baku as we played, it was the procedure, it should calm us in game, it should be seen, but it was not today, “Kopic shrugged. “I think we have a big problem in the middle so far, maybe we should risk a little more, we have problems halfway around, and when we lose the ball, the defense is open, we have to improve it,” said former Jablonec player or Jihlava.

Satisfied at least from a personal point of view, because he scored in both league rounds and added assistance in a progressive goal in Karabakh. “I’m falling in there, I have recordings, of course I could play even better.I’m happy with productivity, that’s clear, but we have to win as a team, “Kopic added.

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