Litvínovský vůdce Trávníček: Crash? I do not have a problem with it

The Litvínov ice-hockey players want to enjoy the peak of the season, but of course they want to succeed. “We want to fix that last year. Best of all, “Michal Trávníček wishes for the quarter-finals series with Hradec Králové, which starts on Monday. “I’m just looking at the series that’s waiting for us now. I think it will be a balanced match. Nobody will win by four goals, “predicts Trávnicek.

In a balanced series, they can often decide to make extensions or raids, which in the basic part of Verva’s boast. But the play-off will not play in three to three, but five to five.And any penal executors will also be five instead of three. “Extending three to three was a big change, but it did, because most of the games decided without raids. It was also attractive for viewers. Now it will be different. We will see how it will record just to us, but I think that if the play-off is to be decided in raids, it is good that five players will go. ”

The series starts on Monday in Hradec The Kings, thanks to Trávníček, could be the opposite. When in the last match of Pardubice in 59:59 the Pardubice equalized, Verva was able to score a point in extra time or in races to finish fourth before Hradec and started at home.But winfield celebrated Mountfield, and Vervu outstretched.

“When we succeed in Hradec, we will not be sorry. It would not be bad to come home in a 1: 1 match, “Litvínov’s leader thinks.

A force squad, well folded to play-off, is often characterized by a Litvinovsky rival. What does Travnicek mean? “Something I think about it, but I prefer not to say it. And if Hradec has a good play-off team? We’ll check it out and see, “smiles Travnicek.

Just like him, the strength of the hockey style should suit. Hits this year, but on the other hand he still misses a good fight this season. Perhaps the winner he showed last year with American Hollweig. “This year, he did not find the challenger. Let’s see how it will evolve.When it’s needed, I have no problem. ”

It’s hard to guess how the Hradec and Litvinov series will evolve, but Verva does not count so much. On the other hand, it was quite similar to the golden Pre-Lion ride. “Those memories are nice, it was a great time. Let’s see what this year. And that he does not count with us? It may also be our advantage, “says Trávníček.

Author: adam5811