Hockey Preliminary Round: Chomutov and Plzeň forced a decisive fifth match

After the embarrassing introduction on both sides, Vladimir Ruzicka was on the first occasion, but only the Maxwell goal scored the Chomutov striker. You will not, you will get…Immediately in the subsequent counterattack, the trio of Orsava-Klepis-Žejdl broke out in advance. The puck was exchanged by everyone, so the heads of the Pirate defended their heads, and Jakub Orsava conveniently pulled the reel behind Lac’s back.

The Chomutovs played twice in the first third, but none of the chances were taken. On the other hand, it was possible to raise Pospíšil with Stříteský just before the first siren, but the second goal scored the opponent’s goal.

The second twenty minute started with the opportunities of both teams, but Juraj Valach Chomutov was able to celebrate.David Kaše was injured by the blue one, including Maxwell, who interfered with the attacking player and scored 1: 1. A series of Pirates’ chances followed, supported by several Mlada Boleslav exclusions.

When the home team at the end of the second period played the power play, it was the worst for them to do. Michal Vondrka took the puck, gradually crossed over two bekers and shot a swing through the puck through the American goalie Boleslav. Chomutov’s hope for the fifth game started to get sharper contours.

At the start of the last twenty minute he had his own Štich in his own weakness, with his seemingly innocent attempt Laco eventually had a lot of problems. Despite Chomutov’s bullet, none of the attempts ended in the net.On the other hand, after a good passport, Lace was alone with Urban, but the Piráti goalkeepers pushed him at the key moment.

Mladá Boleslav: Maxwell – Stříteský, Jan Hanzlík, Voráček, , Holub, Štich, from the 21st addition, Hrdinka – Hyka, Musil, Lenc – Orsava, Klepis, Žejdl – M. Látal, Urban, Pacovsky – Jonak, Vampola, Pospíšil. Coaches: F.

Chomutov: J. Laco – Rutta, L. Chalupa, Flemming, Dlapa, Valach, J. Mrázek, Skinner – Skokan, Huml, Tomica – Vondrka, V. Růžička ml., Sklenář – D. Kaše, Kämpf, Koblasa – Raška, Šťovíček, Poletín. Coaches: V.Růžička st., J. Šťastný a Martínek.

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After the initial exclusions on both sides, the Indians were the first major chance and they were successful. Tomáš Svoboda drew his defender to his right and then found himself in front of the free Preisinger, which did not give Bartošák a chance.

Vítkovičtí then did not manage their lack of discipline, which the judge had punished. With a double-shot, a stack of missiles was dropped on a helpless Bartošák, with Kubalík’s raise to 2: 0.

The second half of the game was immediately overtaken by the Vítkovice goal by veteran Ondřej Kratěna, the Pilsen Lion, who overcame the goalpost Bartosak and 3: 0.The Ostravans were considerably eliminated from the shooting activity of the first third and the West Bohemians took over all the ice events. But before Vítkovice’s second break, however, he managed to reduce Vandas found between the circles of the incoming Kucser who broke the net account of the Machovsky

In the third period, Škodovka definitely decided on the longest possible course of the series. In the 48th minute, Puck routed from the crowd to Jan Schleiss, who sent him with the tip of the stick under the lid of Bartošák’s sanctuary.

A few minutes later Lion and Kratěna collaborated again. The experienced assailant again took advantage of the brilliant passes of Lva, which he sent from the first goalkeeper behind Vítkovice.Jan Vytisk, who was defeated by the Machovsky thermometer, dropped three minutes later.

Plzeň: Machovský – Kadlec, Němeček, Pulpan, D. Sklenička, Čerešňák, Frühauf – M. Procházka , Lev, Kratěna – Indrák, Kracík, D. Kubalík – T. Svoboda, Preisinger, Stach – Schleiss, Koreis, Hrnka.

Vítkovice: Bartošák – Sloboda, Hrbas, Baranka, Klok, Kovář, D. Květoň – Szturc, Y. Stastny, Olesz – Vandas, Kolouch, Kucsera – Tomi, Balan, E. Nemc.Coaches: Petr and Trnka.

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Author: adam5811