Fighting for the Champions League final. Sparta will take over ten thousand fans

Sparta has begun the semi-final of the Champions League last week on ice Växjö with a 2-1 victory. Thanks to the excellent goalkeeper Tomáš Pöpperlem and the Slovak shooters Martin Gernát and Andrey Kudrnou.

Tomáš Netík, who had worked in Växjö in the past for a short time, won the winning streak, for which he was rewarded with assistance at Gernát’s goal. “In the middle it is 2: 1 and the second half is waiting for us. For us, there is a great chance to move on, but nothing is decided. The one goal we have for the good is practically not a role. We have to win, “he says.

Even Jiri Kalous, the coach of Prague, realizes that the lead is only tight. “It’s a good starting position, but it does not mean anything.Växjö had already lost twice in the Champions League and twice managed to advance. So we have to play unambiguously for victory. ”

Kalous correctly recalled that currently the second team of the Swedish League did not play in the LM play-off any of the opening games. However, Växjö has been eliminated by German Munich, Finnish Lappeenranto and Swiss Zurich.

Sparta knows he must be alert, the opponent is strong and has a very good cadre. So much so that Ville Leino, a former NHL star, is a regular infantryman. “Växjö has a great team, they showed it in the first match.They have skillful quick players relying on a fast transition from the midfield, “Hlinka noted.

Kalous is again pointing to a great attack on the Swedes. “They have a great fork, they are aggressive in the assault zone. They are fast-paced and attacked and have an excellent all-round movement. We must be strong on the reel and have a rapid shift in the puck in the founding, going in one-on-one situations, “the coach of the Czech team, who was attracted by the Sunday victory in Pilsen on an important match.

Hlinka i Kalous is looking forward to a great backdrop, the semifinal retaliation should watch over 10,000 spectators in the O2 Arena. “Perhaps it will create a stormy atmosphere and will bring us forward,” the coach wishes.

“They should come, hopefully, it would be great.At that point the game is a much better game. From our side, it is already a great success, but we want even more, we want to make the match and move, “adds an experienced leader.

They both appreciate the current success and perceive the Champions League very prestigiously. Nike is the same. “These are perfect matches. I am sincerely glad that we have managed to get the best European teams to the semifinals. We now have a chance to play the final, which would be a great success for us and Czech hockey. ”

In the final, the Czechs would probably expect another opponent from Scandinavia: Swedish Frölunda.She played the semifinals with a sovereign win over Friburgo. Swiss team, where Czechs Roman Cervenka and Michal Birner also beat, beat 5: 1.

Author: adam5811