Westbrook shines, but he did not go into the opening five of the NBA Star Matches

The West Composers are complemented by Curry’s teammate Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio and Anthony Davis, who will present themselves in front of the home audience.

The Jimmy Butler of Chicago, DeMar DeRozan of Toronto, Greek Nigerian roots Jannis Antetokunmpo of Milwaukee and Cleveland Master Star Master Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Westbrook and Westbrook and Westbrook Thomase sinks fans

The choice is divided into two halves, each side being voted for two perimeter players (players and smaller wings) and three bigger players (wings and pivots).

This year, the NBA has introduced a novelty: in addition to fans for inclusion in basic assemblies, players and journalists make their voices.Half the word, however, had fans, which made Westbrook stand at the base.

The best 30.6-point champion in the league to win the triple-doubles this season in 21 matches has won both journalists and players, but the fans rank him in the third place , which was not enough for the final counting. He will undoubtedly get the next round of the nomination.

On the other hand, the new system has set a place in the base of the West of the Georgian veteran Zazu Pačuliju of the Golden State. He received unexpectedly a lot of votes from fans who wanted to see him more than Leonardo and Davis, but he finished 12 on the players.place, and for journalists at tenth, which at the age of thirty-two has taken up a chance for the premiere.

According to last year’s model, Cameroon newcomer Joel Embiid of Philadelphia and Dwyane Wade of Chicago would also get to the reports. The players and journalists wanted the Isaiah Thomas from Boston in the Eastern set, but fans were only fourth among the players.

The only two players who have won with fans, players and journalists are Durant and James. James, who will only be the fifth player in history with at least thirteen entries in the All Star Game, has also won the most votes, namely 1,893,751.The other was closely Curry followed by Harden and Durant.

The history of Jannise Antetokunmpa is also written. At the age of 22, two months and 13 days, he becomes the youngest non-American member of the base five. For two and a half months, he will overcome Chinese Jaan Ming. So far, the youngest European was Rus Andrej Kirilenko, who was selected just before the 23rd birthday.

The youngest player in the base line is Kobe Bryant, whom he has chosen as a nineteen-year-old. He still remains the only teenager he has ever succeeded in.At the same time, Bryant holds the record of the Star, staring at him eighteen times.

The rest of the teams will be selected by trainers and announced on Thursday.

Author: adam5811