The celebrities are happy and believe they have a chance against Anderlecht

Slavia players are pleased with the 4th Preliminary Round of the European League. Anderlecht Brussels, who, according to the Pragues, meets virtually everything they wanted, attributed them today. In addition, the celebrities feel that even though the Belgian vicemander is the favorite, they have a chance to go over to the dream core group.

“I think the opponent has everything in it. it will be a good team, which will of course be a hard opponent, but I believe that there is hope for progress, “said Milan Škoda to the journalists.

probably wanted West Ham.I guess we will have Sassuolo from Serie A, but I think that’s how it is ideal, “added the presidential striker.

Anderlecht is favorite as well by the bookmakers. ” We can to lose it, we will not get it, it would be sorry for us. We know that Anderlecht is a good rival, they are the favorite, but we will do our best to make them as complicated as possible and get there instead “, added Škoda, who due to the late return of the team from Portugal today

Also coach Dušan Uhrin took the younger lot. “We are happy with the lot. We have a heavy lot, we could not have much choice because there are very good teams there. There was perhaps a simpler team.I’m glad we will attract fans again and I firmly believe that the stadium will be full, “said Uhrin.

Slavia played with Anderlecht in 2005 in front of the Champions League and lost 1: 2 out and 0: 2 at home. “I see fifty at fifty at this moment. Slavia has dropped out with them in the past and we will try to make it happen now, “Uhrin said.

The game was eleven years ago as a player and the current leading team of Prague’s Stanislav Vlček then he worked in the Brussels club. “I did not support the assignment. He wished for this one, he would definitely be one of the most popular ones, “Uhrin smiled.” We’ll find out everything.We are going to be sending the Honza Kmoch as an observer there, so I believe we will know every detail, “Uhrin added.

It does not solve Slavia starting at home. he told Riem Ave that he did not care. We were against Pilsen against Šachtar Donetsk and we started at home. Only the weaker team is better to play the first match out there, “Uhrin added.

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